Essay 4 

                                                         Self -Assessment 


     I never knew that I had equality to write about. I have read before. I love reading. I love reading. Buting never comes naturally to me. I learned a lot in this class.I learn to read and write like an author in this class. 


          I also learned different methods, straight and rhetorical while writing in this class. After reading E. Shelley Reid “Ten Ways To Think About Writing: Metaphoric Musings for College Writing Students”I have learned to use tone and the logo in my writing to get my reader’s attention. In my personal narrative I learn to use logos to get my point across to them and To make the understanding my point of view.“Recognize and practice key rhetorical terms and strategies when engaged in writing situations.” I learn to use rhetorical terms to get my reader’s attention.I even make my reader cry and I make them feel the same I felt at the time. I learned that logos are one of the best ways to get reader attention.


    I have learned a lot and improved a lot in my writing from personal narrative essays to ethnography. I learn to use citations correctly. I learned that they have different citation styles but I prefer MLA citations. I learned to cite in my second essay which was my research Essay. Not only I learn to cite,  I have learned to read and analyze important information. I learn to pharphaes my quote from the reading I did. It made my writing more stone. 


     In my essay 3 I have learned how to take an interview.I have learn listen to other without saying anything to another person.I learn to just listen and take in they worlds and not not say my own opinions. Also, I learn to not not let my bias blind me. I also learn when to cite an interview. “Practice systematic application of citation conventions.” I learn to cite in a specific way. I learn that I should put the person’s last name, first name and then put personal information and last the date. This was very new to me. I am surprised that I can do it. While taking interviews I learn to sit quietly and observe them. To see their actions, words and behavior. I learn observations that tell a lot about a person. They especially have bias or strong beliefs . You can feel their passion about something just about anything just from their body language. When I toke that interview when ever I ask the person about culture. She would have an angry face. She would look confused and angry. When through she did not say why she was angry at culture but her tone and face expressions tell a lot. I learn to read faces while interviewing.  She would have a proud look on and sat straight when talking about religion. I have learn to post pictures to make my reader understand who something look or expose them to person. So, they can see what I see.


    I have never published my essay online but I will post my essay for this project and it was my first time doing a digital portfolio. “Understand and use print and digital technologies to address a range of audiences.” I was not sure how to do it and I thought it would be a failure but I did it . I have published my essay so well. I publish my essay online to get my reader’s attention by my essay, colors and images.In class I learn to publish my essay. 


       I have learned a lot from the beginning of this project to the end of this project. I have never had confidence in myself that I will do well in it but I did it. I learned the most important lessons, that is just write and express yourself to the readers  and everything will just fit in and that’s what I did.